Monday, July 28, 2014

Parent Meeting

This year's informational Parent AND Player meeting will be on Monday August 18th at 7 pm at IHS in the lower B pod. Please let me know if you cannot make it: .

Weekly Workout 7/28/14

Mon: 10 100's. Find a lined field or a track and run 10 100 yard sprints (trying for 20 seconds down and 40 seconds back). Remember each 5th is a 50 yard sprint.

Tues: Conditioning

Wed: Run 3 miles. 12 laps on the track or use an app/map my run to plot out your run. Time yourself and record.

Thurs: Conditioning

Fri: Grab a stick and ball and play (with a friend if you can) for 30 minutes.
First do footwork over your stick: 30 secs each: front-back hops, lateral hops, one foot at a time front-back, one foot at a time lateral, etc
Stickwork ideas: pulls, spins, lifts, pops, V-pulls, indian dribble (try and do one-handed).
Hitting ideas: pushes, slaps, chokes, drives.
Other ideas: give and gos, mini tap-taps, air dribble (hand-eye coordination).
AFTER you have played you should EITHER Run 2 miles OR do the following sprints: 4 25 (yards), 4 50s, 4 75s and 4 100s.

Sat: Jog, bike, swim, elliptical for 40 minutes.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly workout for 7/21/14

Tuesday: conditioning

Wednesday: Run 2 miles. Time yourself.

Thursday: conditioning

Friday: Run for 15 minutes between a jog and sprint: for 1 telephone pole length - sprint (~100 yards), and for 2 telephone pole lengths - jog (~200). Jog for 5 more minutes after to cool down.

Saturday: 35 min of jogging, biking or elipticalling.